Finding Low Cost Funeral Services Without Compromising Quality

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When someone close to a person dies, there’s a great deal of deep sadness and probably even utter devastation over the loss of a loved one. Despite such raw feelings of grief, there are also other arrangements that should be made in short time. More often than not, people are in need of guidance to help them make the right decisions during this tough time.

When planning a funeral, a lot of people have overwhelming and sudden feelings of stress because of the fact that the funerals may be very costly. But, there are some ways to arrange for professional and dignified low cost funeral services that will put your loved one to rest in a tasteful and beautiful manner without you and your family a small fortune.

Rather than rushing into decisions following your loved one’s death, it is best to take several hours and look at every option. When it comes to funeral homes, ask family and friends if they have some recommendations. The busiest funeral home in your local area is often the most affordable as good words spread quickly. In addition to that, it isn’t always a good idea to go to a particular funeral home that’s part of the chain as such establishments will definitely have only the costliest caskets, transportation costs, vaults, and some services when compared to independently owned funeral home.

Cremation is a good option that more and more individuals are considering these days due to their simplistic nature and because of the fact that it frequently costs 1/5 less than the average price of the traditional funeral because there’s no burial or coffin involved. For others, there’s a comfort in knowing that a family member isn’t in the ground or in a mausoleum. Normally, the ashes of the deceased person are either scattered at a particular place, which holds a special meaning to the person.

One of the most beautiful and memorial type of funeral is often the one that’s very simple in nature. Friends that take part in the service through doing these things as making the arrangements of flowers, carrying the coffin to the designated grave, and serving as well as preparing the food at a particular meeting place once the funeral is over. Rather than paying a funeral home in arranging for music, a good friend or a family member may typically be found who’s more than willing to donate their time to play or sing an instrument at the funeral.

There are some funeral directories and websites where you can make plans or arrangements for funeral that may greatly help in making a tough decision when planning to achieve a low cost funeral service. With the use of the funeral planning or directory site may help you make comparisons of the services and the costs of different funeral homes in your place. Such websites frequently consist of huge databases, which include the list of the casket and um suppliers, funeral homes, and the graver marker manufacturers. If you will take some of your time finding such sites, you will be able to experience some benefits that could make a difference in having a memorable funeral for your loved one.

Etiquette is also one of the biggest oversights when planning for a funeral. So, in the process of planning, make sure to provide special attention to the traditions, rituals, and customs. Regardless of the funeral service you have consider, such things are important are to keep in mind. If you still can’t decide which funeral service is best suited for you.

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How To Conduct A Funeral Service For A Muslim


There are about 10 things you need to know in Muslim funeral, from the time of death to the burial and what happens after. No matter what faith, coping with the death of a loved one is a difficult time All faiths and religions have their own rites and traditions. In Islam, if someone is about to die, the person close to the one dying should offer positive encouraging words and allow the dying person to say the Shahaadah, which is a declaration of Muslim faith — the dying person will go to heaven after saying the Shahaadah before death in spite of any past sins.

  1. Funeral rituals begin immediately after death. It’s customary to close the eyes of the person who has died, tighten the jaw and cover the body with a clean piece of cloth. The body should be prepared for burial as soon as possible and should take place before the next sunset.
  2. Mourning or Hidaad should not take more than 3 days. Loud crying is not allowed but the mourners can weep. Some Muslims believe that the dead person can hear these cries in the spirit world and can disturb them. Widowed women have a special morning style called the Iddah which goes on for 4 months and 10 days. She is not allowed to remarry during Iddah and cannot put on makeup, perfume or wear jewelry.
  3. The corpse goes through a thorough washing ritual before burial. The people doing the washing must also be Muslims and of the same gender with the dead person. This of cause excludes children and married couples. The body is washed with a piece of cloth from the top to the bottom for about 3 to 7 times until it’s clean.
  4. Once the body is clean and dry, it’s recommended to shroud it Women and men are shroud differently. The man is wrapped with 3 pieces of white sheet and 4 ropes. Wrapping the woman is more complicated because the woman’s body must be dressed in a sleeveless dress and a head veil. The body is then shrouded using the same formula as for the male body.
  5. The burial should commence immediately the body is shroud. Anyone can participate in the burial usually called the Salatul Janazah. The body should be prayed for before burial which can happen outside a mosque. These prayers should be done at sunset or at sunset unless the body is decomposing. The pray is for God to have mercy on the deceased and all other dead Muslims. People saying the prayers must form 3 horizontal lines facing Mecca with men in the front, children on the second row and women on the third.
  6. Traditionally, 4 men transport the body to the cemetery for burial. The procession is in silence without music or crying. Incense and candles should be present at the burial site A Muslim must be buried where they have died without having to transport them back home.
  7. A Muslim should be buried in a cemetery and children and women are not allowed at the burial site The body should be placed in a grave facing Mecca which should be deep enough to keep off the decomposing smell and animals.
  8. Comforting the bereaved family members is allowed but not mandatory in Islam. This should be done within the first three days after the funeral.
  9. Organ donation is acceptable in Muslim as it follows the Quran’s teaching about saving another life.
  10. Unless required by the state’s law, routine autopsies are not acceptable in Islam. There are seen as mutilation of the body.



A funeral service is defined as an official or unofficial formality which is conducted before a certain burial.ln Addition,it gives a form of closure to the bereaved.The Most vital aspect of every individuals’ final journey is the funeral preparations and the funeral services tend to provide the best send-off to the deceased by offering a variety of services, for instance rejoicing the deceased lives,allowing the bereaved to be comforted by acquaintances,offering closure to the deceased as well as delivering a forum where the deceased family and friends say their last farewells and wishes.

Funerals are considered very traumatic and painful to the bereaved but life has to go on afterwards, therefore the bereaved may decide to conduct a decent send-off to their loved ones through engaging the funeral services in their funeral preparations. Funeral services offer a variety of preparations, from burial to incineration services, according to the deceased family’s choice. As funeral services offer funeral preparations,there are essential details of the deceased which need to be put into consideration such as the official name of the deceased,birth date,postal address,the cause of his or her death as well as the place and time the deceased met his or her untimely death.

Funeral services are delivered in open gatherings, reserved send-offs or even in church depending on the wishes of the bereaved on how they prefer to hold their loved one’s funeral. While making preparations for the funeral,a variety of services need to be considered by funeral services members,for instance transportation of the dead body and of the most vital grievers to the grave site along with the most convenient direction or way to be taken while offering the transportation services.The Music to be sang during the main funeral ceremony is a vital aspect since the funeral services members are in-charge of providing the hymns and the type of music to be sang during the funeral.

The Songs sang are usually church related.There are a number of exceptional wishes made by family and friends, to portray the kind of life the deceased led as well as reading of the eulogy and wishing them farewell. In conclusion,funeral services have proved to play a very important role in making funeral arrangements a success during the last send off of the deceased and therefore deserve credit in one way or another since without the funeral services in place, then the bereaved could not deal with funeral arrangements appropriately on their own